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The Flaming Lips

New Album "EMBRYONIC" out Now.

The Lips with Stardeath and White Dwarfs

Dark Side of the Moon - CD May 4, 2010

Upcoming 2010 concerts:

 June 25, 2010  Pilton, England  Glastonbury Festival
 July 3, 2010  Oxford, ME  Nateva Music & Arts Fest
 July 4, 2010  Atlantic City, NJ  House of Blues
 July 6, 2010  Providence, RI  Lupo's
 July 7, 2010  Montreal, QC  Metropolis
 July 8, 2010  Toronto, ON  Molson Canadian Amp.
 July 10, 2010  Ottawa, ON  Lebreton Flats Park
 July 11, 2010  Louisville, KY  Forecastle Festival
 July 20, 2010  Pittsburgh, PA  Station Square Amp.
 July 22, 2010  Lewiston, NY  Artpark
 July 23, 2010  Canandaigua, NY  CMAC Performing Arts Ctr.
 July 24, 2010  Holyoke, MA  Mountain Park
 July 26, 2010  New York, NY  Central Park Summer Stage
 Aug 21, 2010  Crickhowell, Wales  Green Man Festival
 Sep 11, 2010  Downend, England  Bestival
 Sep 21, 2010  Winnipeg, MB  Burton Cummings Theatre
 Sep 23, 2010  Calgary, AB  MacEwan Hall
 Sep 24, 2010  Edmonton, AB  Edmonton Event Centre
 Sep 25, 2010  Vancouver, BC  Malkin Bowl
 Oct 10, 2010  Austin, TX  ACL Music Festival
 Oct 13, 2010  Saint Petersburg, FL  Jannus Live
 Oct 14, 2010  Orlando, FL  House of Blues
 Oct 15, 2010  St. Augustine, FL  St. Augustine Amphitheatre

Watch videos at ARTISTdirect

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and more at YouTube, including Bohemian Rhapsody

soft bulletin in 5.1 surround sound

VOID dvd - video overview in deceleration


late night tales

Old stuff!!! Danger - proceed with caution!!!

Bubble Boy Wayne - Coachella 2004
Photo: John Shearer

Lips at T In The Park 2003

pics and "more" - including a live version of 7na

Flaming Lips Glastonbury 2003

For a short time only:

Live Set image gallery

View the Yoshimi UK commercial spot

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Fight Test EP out now...

1. Fight Test
2. Can't Get You Out Of My Head (KEXP version)
3. The Golden Age (CD101 version)
4. Knives Out (KCRW version)
5. Do You Realize? (Scott Hardkiss Floating In Space vocal mix)
6. The Strange Design Of Conscience (prev. unreleased)
7. Thank You Jack White (For The Fiber-Optic Jesus That You Gave Me) (prev. unreleased)

Bonus Features features are the Fight Test video, directed by Wayne Coyne;
plus the theatrical trailer Christmas On Mars.


The Flaming Lips accept a Grammy® at the 45th Grammy Awards
in NYC Feb 23, 2003, for their Best Rock Instrumental Performance
of 'Approaching Pavonis Mons by Balloon (Utopia Planitia)'! Congrats!

** Lips hanging with Justin Timberlake **

If you haven't heard Yoshimi yet...
Click for the Yoshimi online Player!

click for Album Bio and Wayne's notes on each song:


Click above for more info and
Watch the new video for Yoshimi in Quick Time: Hi or Low
for more videos and goodies, visit the Official site:

Live Lips pics from Amsterdam
xmas on mars

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US Maxi-single "Superman": - see it...
Gemm - now discontinued: Superman CD5 + 2 Zaireeka mixdowns and 3 QT videos

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 U.S. Track Listing...  1. A Race for the Prize (Mokran remix)   2. A Spoonful Weighs a Ton   3. The Spark That Bled   4. The Spiderbite Song   5. Buggin' (Mokran remix)   6. What Is The Light?   7. The Observer   8. Superman   9. Suddenly Everything Has Changed   10. The Gash   11. Feeling Yourself Disintegrate   12. Sleeping on the Roof   13. Race for the Prize   14. Superman (Mokran remix)  

The UK version drops The Spiderbite Song and adds Slow Motion, and the arrangement of songs is different, putting the Mokran-remixed tracks at the end... go to the main site for Wayne's notes.

Be sure to drop by UK fan #1 Drew's site, which is considered the Official Band site, seeing as it is housed at WB. Do yourself a favor and bookmark it as soon as you land...


The World's First Headphone Concerts

The 1999 concerts have kicked off with amazing events in Dallas and Austin. Billed as the "World's First Headphone Concerts" the band has put together an amazing mulitmedia event, including films and low-power FM transmission of additional sounds that require a radio-walkman to enjoy fully. George of Particle did a great flyer and now there are photos of the headphone concerts up at the main site.

Oh, here's the band's 1998 - 2002 Holiday postcards.


A Collection of Songs Representing An Enthusiasm For Recording...By Amateurs...or The Accidental Career...

The Flaming Lips 1984-1990 - released in late 1998 by Restless, who controls the early (pre-WB) Flaming Lips recordings. Its a fine representation of the early years of Mr. Coyne and company examining the music-making process. Included are album cuts, alternate takes, b-sides, covers/tributes and, for your computer, a video of "Unconsciously Screaming," which is pretty damn cool. Also, liner notes by Wayne, which pretty much sums it up.

An excerpt: "3. Michael Time To Wake Up ...Me, literally, waking Michael up with a sort of Paul Leary guitar solo...He was sleeping with his head about six inches away from the speakers in an seemed funny at the time."



& BoomBox Hijinks ...covers 96-98's forays into experimental presentation of their music. Parking Lots Experiments, Boom Box Concerts, and general multi-track insanity. Originally starting with lots of friends with cars in parking structures, the band expanded on their Parking Lot idea and "moved on" to perform many of these events in clubs with Boom Boxes and used the audience as participants. The London show was a star-studded affair, from the reports I've read.



"a combining of the words 'Zaire' and 'Eureka'" ...the 4CD set that's meant to be played at the same time, or some reasonable combination thereof. Yes, you need multiple CD players/sound systems.

Released in late '97, this outgrowth of the Parking Lot Experiments is the most ambitious recording endeavour the band has taken on. Talking to Michael Ivins before the recording sessions brought out just how meticulous the recordings were going to be. How do you keep track of some sounds used on Disc 1, Track 1 that might be handy on Disc 3, Track 8? While the thought of recording it made my head hurt, and listening to it disorients me, I think its an amazing piece of art.

Not yer standard rock album, OK? Read the NME review from January, 1998.


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